Maryann is a practising weaver, artist and designer. She is an exhibiting artist, collaborator, sista and lover of Pasifika crafts, bling and material culture.

“My weaving and artwork is based on ‘Practise’ - practising to be a Matuauu.

In our matai, or chief language, Matuauu is the word Samoan’s use to name their Super Weavers –

those in their village who are ‘practised and experienced at holding things together.’

People describe me as a Master Weaver; I’m more comfortable with “Practising to be a Matuauu” or a

‘lover of weaving.”

Weaving has become a passion, language and process for Maryann to grow as a woman and contemporary artist in Australia.

Breastplate: ‘Rebirth’ For a collaboration with The Social Studio, L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010

Model: Ribka Tahir

Photograph: Andrew Wuttke 2010.

Maryann Talia Pau     

Weave. Eat. Relax.

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